Judit Csikvári

University of Miskolc:
    MA. Cultural Anthropologist Researcher (Department of Cultural and Visual Anthropology)

English, Italian

Key qualifications, experience:

Illegal foreign work in Hungary, March 2006-
Empirical research which aims to give an overall view on illegal employment of foreign citizens, its prevalence, forms and distribution by sectors. Identifying interests of employers and employees in illegal work, the possible discrepancies of regulation of foreign work.
The research also aims to give a picture on how the phenomenon is embedded in the immigration situation in Hungary and in the European - worldwide mass migration flows.
Research for the National Employment Foundation.

Background research for educational program, February 2006-
Framed for prostitutes, to forward tendencies of regulation-following attitude on prostitutes' side.

Empirical research on temporary labour migration from Hungary to Western Europe, 2002-2004
Accumulating financial and/or intellectual capital in the emigration period and its investing it after repatriation. Anthropologic analysis of everyday life and social network in emigration.
Results presented in MA thesis

Empirical research on immigration to Europe from West-Africa, 2002
Mainly in European cities, motivations, organization, everyday life and activity of immigrants, chances of repatriation, impacts on receiving societies.

Participating in university research - in preparation of regional development project, 2001
Religious and ethnic diversity and the society's strategies for handling it in a village in North-Eastern Hungary. Anthropologic analysis of local community.