The need for establishing new administrative and legislative systems to cope with migration was clear from the end of the 80s. The legal framework regulating migration has gradually been developed.
Since 1989 numerous measures, acts and decrees were created to regulate immigration, entry, stay, expulsion and employment of foreigners.


Act LV of 1993. on Hungarian Citizenship

Entry and stay, asylum:

Act XXXIX. of 2001. on the Entry and Stay of Foreign Nationals
Ministry of the Interior & Ministry of Foreign Affairs Joint Decree No 35/2001. (XII.22.) on the Fees of the Procedures Related to the Entry and Stay of Foreigners
Act CXXXIX. of 1997. on Asylum
Government Decree No.172/2001. (IX.26.) on the Detailed Rules of Asylum Procedures and Documents of Temporarily Protected Persons


Ministry of Social and Family Affairs Decree No. 8/1999. (XI. 10.) on Work Permits Issued to Foreign Nationals in Hungary
Act LXXV. of 1996. on Labour Inspection
Act IV of 1991. on the Promotion of Employment and Provision for the Unemployed
Government Decree No.93/2004. (VI. 27) on the rules of labour market reciprocity and protective measures applicable following Hungary's accession to the European Union


Act LXXIX of 1993. on Public Education
Act CXXXIX. of 2005. on Higher Education
Act LXXVI of 1993. on Vocational Training - abstract from the law focusing on National Qualification Register
Act CI. of 2001. on Adult Education
Act C. of 2001. on the Recognition of Foreign Certificates and Degrees