Employment of foreigners in Hungary


The rules and procedures relating employment of foreigners in Hungary are regulated in a ministerial decree. According to this foreigners are being subjected to a special regime for granting work permits. Following the EU enlargement, citizens of the new member states don't require work permit to take up work. The "old" member states requested derogation concerning employment of foreigners, thus - with the exception of the United Kingdom, Ireland Sweden, Spain, Portugal, Finland, Greece and Italy - Hungarians need work permits. Based on the principle of reciprocity those wishing to work in Hungary from these countries also need work permits.

According to the regulation the employer is responsible for obtaining the work permit for a foreign worker and has to cover the costs. The request must be submitted to the Employment Agency of the county (or Budapest) where employment is to take place. First the employer has to submit a labour requirement report. If no resident or EU employee could be intermediated to the employer within 30 days the request for work permit can be submitted. The deadline for deciding upon the request is another 30 days.

The following are necessary for the application:

    - medical certificate issued by the Health Service;
    - passport (photocopy);
    - certificate of highest education level reached (in verified translation);
    - application form submitted by the Hungarian employer (in attachment Certified copies of the corporate documentation, i.e. Articles of Association, Registration at the court of Registration).

Once the work permit has been issued a work visa must be obtained from the relevant Hungarian consulate:

    - application form;
    - original work permit;
    - original Passport (valid for 18 months);
    - one (1) passport style photograph;
    - proof of secured accommodation in Hungary (e.g. copy of apartment lease agreement, or invitation letter from host);
    - original work contract or assignment letter.

The validity of the work permit is maximum 1 year and the permit is attached to one employer.

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