Cím Illegal labour migration and employment in Hungary
Közreműködő intézmények Panta Rhei Társadalomkutató Bt., Budapest
Finanszírozó Nemzetközi Munkaügyi Szervezet (ILO)
Kutatás ideje 1999
Kutatásvezető Juhász Judit
Kutatók Bácskai Andrea, Marius Cosmeanu, Jurij Gmitra, Isabell Ramond
Leírás This survey reviews the situation as regards illegal migrant labour in Hungary. It describes the main trends in migration, the informal economy and illegal work. Based on various information sources, the objective of the survey is to improve understanding of the specific features and principal characteristics of migrant labour within the general context of the Hungarian labour market.
The main focus of the survey is on illegal work by migrants in Hungary, where illegality is a result of a combination of the foreign workers' administrative status relating to entry and residence, on the one hand, and their status with respect to economic activity, on the other. In this context, illegal, or irregular migration and employment are understood as the entry, residence and transit of foreign citizens in the territory of the country in violation of current laws and regulations governing entry, stay and/or economic activity. The survey endeavours to shed light not only on the specific features of the current migration process in Hungary, but also on its causes and perspectives.
Publikáció Illegal labour migration and employment in Hungary
ILO International Migration Papers 30. ILO, Geneva, 1999.